Dairy farmers share their experiences

Dick Doornenbal - Dutch Dairy Farmer

Since the abolition of the milk quota, we wanted to produce significantly more milk per cow. To that end, we set ourselves the condition that we must ensure our cows’ good health during the period around calving. Now, we are seeing more cows in heat (in
oestrous) in the first 30 days and have virtually no more placenta problems. Even the protein dip that showed up every summer was less this year. We see a clearly lower cell count and we have almost no cases of ketosis anymore.

Van Puijenbroek - Belgian Dairy Farmer

Since we started using MS KetoProtect Plus, the number of cows on our “Ketosis” attention list has substantially decreased. The cows get a balanced TMR feed 2 x per day, and all the fresh cows have 175 ml MS KetoProtect Plus added to their feed, using
a watering can. Feed uptake is a high priority, especially with fresh cows. And MS KetoProtect Plus’s good flavour means that we can kill two birds with one stone. There is higher dry matter uptake, and with more ME per kg in it.

Peter Willemse - Dutch Dairy Farmer

We opted to use MS KetoProtect Plus because we noticed some deficiencies, especially among cows starting their lactation, and for sure animals heading toward their peak production (over 50 kg milk). We noticed improvement in the fresh cows very quickly. The fresh cows could handle the change better, had a problem-free start of lactation, and reached their peak well. This preventative way of working leads to fewer problems in fresh cows. They all that get through the first 50 days of lactation well, and we usually do not see them in need of attention again before drying off – and that is what we are aiming for.

MS KetoProtect:

  • Promotes the energy metabolism of cows;
  • Is the tasty alternative to Propylene Glycol;
  • It contributes to a normal energy management;
  • Does not attack the liver;

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