Ketosis (acetonaemia) is a common metabolic disorder in cows at the beginning of the lactation. It causes a negative energy balance three weeks before calving. The impact shows at calving. A feed supplement with energy content will give the cow support during the calving period.

Ketosis leads to reduced protein content and lower milk production by 350 to 500 litres per lactation.
In addition, it increases the risk of other health problems, such as:
1. Displaced abomasum
2. Retained placenta
3. Mastitis
4. Reduced fertility, resulting in longer calving interval.
A poor start of lactation can often lead to required culling later in the lactation.


MS KetoProtect Plus is a very tasty energy-source feed supplement, and its unique composition helps ensure an optimum transition period.
You will get the best results from MS KetoProtect Plus with individual dosing.
Dosage: 175 ml/animal/day, from 3 weeks before calving until 7 to 10 weeks after.
Administration in feed (through the mixer wagon or on roughage)
After calving – individual administration (manually, using a dosing system)

MS KetoProtect:

  • Promotes the energy metabolism of cows;
  • Is the tasty alternative to Propylene Glycol;
  • It contributes to a normal energy management;
  • Does not attack the liver;

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