Application / Instructions


200 ml per animal per day, from three weeks before calving until 7 to 10 weeks after.
Sheep: 25 grams per sheep per day
ATTENTION: MS KetoProtect Plus is not suitable for dairy goats. Opt for MS KetoProtect Goat for them
You will get the best results from MS KetoProtect Plus by individual dosing.

We advise

During the dry period – offering in the feed (through the mixer wagon or on roughage)
After calving – individual administration (automatically via MS Optima box, manually or using another dosing system)


  • Manual, individual dosing
  • Using a dosing system
  • Added to roughage
  • In the mixer wagon

MS KetoProtect:

  • Promotes the energy metabolism of cows;
  • Is the tasty alternative to Propylene Glycol;
  • It contributes to a normal energy management;
  • Does not attack the liver;

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